Introduction: Craft Canoe Boat

Hi viewers! I am going to teach you how to make a Craft Canoe for decoration, a gift to a friend, just for the fun of creating something or wanting to make something float.

But to float down this path of creating it you have to follow the instructions to be successful. When I first stated to make it on my own I thought that it was a really unique, and simple thing to build. I soon realized that once you have these steps down you can make cooler, bigger, and more creative boats.

So whoever you are I hope you enjoy making a Canoe Craft just as I did, now get creative!


For Creating a Canoe Craft you wont need much supplies since it is a simple craft. To make it you are going to need:

- around 50 craft sticks (colored or plain will do)


- 1 jumbo craft stick

- Hot glue gun and or Elmer's glue will do

- paper to cover work space

- Anything you have at home to protect your eyes

Step 1: Making the Base

The first step to making the Canoe craft is to make the base. But before you do anything you need to put paper over your work surface that way it doesn't get ruined by the type of glue we will be using later. Carefully lay 7-8 standard sticks down diagonally. next use two standard size craft sticks to the sides of the base, keep in mind they should be across from one another. This will hold the base together, so make sure to let it dry.

Step 2: Side Seating

After you have made the cardboard base now is the time to build the sides. To do this you need to glue at all four of the corners as you build up the layers. Build as many layers as you like, I did about five. After you have done this step you can add seats if you desire. In my opinion I personally like the look the seats give, and after all what's a canoe without seats? To do this I just used sharp scissors to cut the jumbo craft stick into two pieces. I just guessed how diagonal the ends needed to be to make it easy, but I encourage you to get out a ruler and cut them exact! Just use a small about of glue to attach seats and keep on building up the layers.

Step 3: Oar You Ready to Canoe?!

To make the oars I simply cut both of the ends off of the jumbo stick I used for the seats and glued them to the end of two standard craft sticks. You do not have to glue them if you wish, you can just arrange them how you want. Take it outside or to a bath tub full of water and test it out, give it to a friend, or use it as a decoration. Thank you so much for reading about, and hopefully making, a Canoe craft boat.

Step 4: