Introduction: Craft Storage Stool on Wheels

I am always making gifts for people, so I came up with a way for all your wrapping paper, gift bags, scissors, tape, markers, tissue paper, or anything else you use to be accessed easily. I call it Crafts on Wheels. It is a stool turned upside down, with wheels attached on it so you can see everything you have. The purpose of my invention is for crafters, like me, to get to their supplies easily, and to see all their options easily without digging through and making a big mess.


  • an old stool in my house
  • four small tank tops
  • two large t-shirts
  • four wheels that I purchased from Walmart
  • 1 inch screws (depending on the wheels purchased will depend on the size of the screw you need to buy)

Step 1: Find an Old Tank Top

I first started with the tank tops. These were used to make small compartments for the side of the stool. I found it easy to make the compartments out of tank tops. Most people have tank tops that are just lying around without a purpose, so using them for the bags were easy and convenient.

Step 2: Cut Collar of Tank Top

Once I selected which tank top I was going to use, I cut the collar of the tank top. You need to cut as close to the seam as possible for the best outcome of your bag.

Step 3: Cut Along Bottom Seam

Then I cut along the seam at the bottom of the shirt. This also has to be cut closely to the seam as possible for maximum use of the tank top.

Step 4: Cut Strand in Half

Taking the bottom piece of the shirt that I had just cut off, I cut it in half making one long strand of fabric.

Step 5: Cut Shoulders in Half

Next, I cut the top of the shoulders of the tank top in half. This will be how we tie the bag onto the stool. It doesn't really matter where half way is, just use your best judgment.

Step 6: Tie Strand to Tank Top

I then took the strand from the bottom of the shirt that we cut earlier and tied the bottom of the shirt, about 2 inches up. The higher you tie it the smaller the compartment. The lower you tie it the bigger the compartment is.

Step 7: Cut Excess Fabric

Cut any excess fabric from the strand that you may have. By doing this, it will make a cleaner look for your bag and won't look so lumpy.

Step 8: Flip It Inside Out

Then, flip the shirt inside out making the tie at the bottom of the shirt now on the inside of the shirt. This will make out bag for the stool.

Step 9: Tie the Bag to the Stool

Lastly, I tied the shirt to the stool. You do this by tying the cut in half shoulders at the top to the bars of the stool. I did this four times to make the smaller compartments of the stool.

Step 10: Find T-shirt for Bigger Compartments

The next thing to do for this project is to make the two bigger compartments on the side of the stool. I found that big t-shirts work best, giving the bags lots of stretch and being able to hold a lot of items inside.

Step 11: Cut Shoulders Off of Shirt

Since there are sleeves on a shirt, unlike a tank top, you will need to cut along the seam of the shoulder. Cut closely to the seam so that you won't be losing any of the actual shirt.

Step 12: Repeat All Previous Steps

After cutting the shoulders off, you repeat every step from making the small compartments out of tank tops. Look back on the previous steps if you have already forgotten.

Step 13: Drill Holes

Next, take the four wheels and place them where they need to be on the bottom of the stool. Make dots with a marker, to know where to screw in the wheels later on. Take a drill and make holes where each dot is.

Step 14: Screw the Screws Into the Wheels

Once the holes are made, carefully screw in the screws into the wheel. When all the screws are successfully locked into the wheel and secured onto the stool, you will have your own craft storage stool.

Step 15: Final Outcome

When we craft, we want our creations to contain a piece of ourselves, our identity, and our voice. This is what I hope to accomplish with the Craft on Wheels inventions.It is a great way to organize your supplies while crafting at the same time. Making the Crafts on Wheels project, is easy and worth your time.

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