Introduction: Craft Supplies Crossbow

If you are having problems with boredom (or annoying family members) during this quarantine you should try building this crossbow. It requires very little supplies that are very common and packs quite a punch, so don't point it at anybody!

Step 1: Supplies

To build this crossbow you need five items

- A medium size piece of cardboard (this will be the body)

- An old paint brush (this is the ammunition)

- Two pens (this will be the limb)

- A rubber band (this will be the string)

- A binder clip (this will be the trigger)

In addition you probably want something to hold it together as well as an item to cut with. I used the following items but you can make do with a hot glue gun and scissors (or an exacto knife).

- An Exacto Knife

- Tape

- Elmer's glue

- A hot glue gun

Step 2: Crossbow Body

In this step we will assemble the body and stabilizers. You will want to cut three rectangles out of cardboard, one that is 27cm by 4cm, and two that are 1cm by 9cm. Then take the 1 by 9 rectangles and measure 1.5 cm down on one side and cut a diagonal to the closest corner.

Step 3: Limb and String

In this step we will make the limb ( a fancy word for the front part) and string. Remove the caps from both pens. Then, cut the rubber band so it is a line. Put a small amount of the rubber band in the two caps. Put both caps onto one pen keeping the rubber band in the caps.

Step 4: Assembly

In this step we will assemble all the necessary parts for the crossbow. The next two steps are completely optional and the crossbow will work fine without them. Now back to the crossbow assembly. First, tape or hot glue the binder clip to the very back of the large cardboard rectangle, the body of the crossbow. Next, glue the stabalizers in the middle at the front with a space slightly lager than your paintbrush. Make sure that the diagonals point back towards the binder clip. I suggest Elmer's glue for this so you don't get any globs of hot glue that could stop the bolt. After that, glue the limb to the front, make sure that it is centered and the side the rubber band is coming out of is facing backwards. I suggest hot glue for this because this part needs to be very secure. Lastly, add strips of tape on the diagonals. this will stop the rubber band getting caught under the guide.

Step 5: Optional Steps Materials

For these next two steps you will want the following materials

- A toilet paper roll (this will be the handle)

- A couple of paints (I used black for the base and red for the detail)

Step 6: (optional) Handle

This step is really simple, glue the toilet paper roll under the diagonals. This gives you a handy handle.

Step 7: (optional) Decorating

For this step I would suggest using spray paint for the base and a brush for detailing. I used black spray paint to coat it (do this outside). Then I took red paint and added detail lines to make it look more interesting.

Step 8: Loading and Shooting

To load this crossbow there are two things you need to do. One, put the rubber band in between the bristles. Two, put the brush into the binder clip. Make sure the clip grabs it on the metal part NOT by the bristles. Shooting is pretty straightforward. Hold the crossbow and press down on the clip. Do not point this at anyone or anything you don't want to damage. Have Fun! :)