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The Kunai was originally used as a farming tool. Peasants used it to break rocks and hard soil when planting their crops. The tool later evolved into a useful ninja weapon. It's uses rang from a throwing knife to a wall climbing tool. This homemade Kunai blade, though not 100% functional, looks super amazing and takes minimal effort to construct. In fact, this model was made using only household materials and basic hand tools (a drill and dremel). In total, it took about 2 days to build.

Step 1: Materials

-Popsicle Sticks

-Soda Can (In my case, a seltzer can...I know, right?)

-4 Nickels

-Wood Glue

-Super Glue

-Paracord (optional)

Step 2: Shaping and Sketching

Sketching the shape of the blade is really up to you depending on your size/shape preference. Mine was approximately 16 cm long and 4 cm wide. Using a circular object for a tracer helps immensely. I used a dinner plate to get my nice round curves on the blade. I also used a CD to get the hole in the handle.

Step 3: Popsicle Stick Time!

Trim your popsicle sticks so that there are no more curved edges. You want them to be rectangular. Stagger them in a pattern that is big enough for the template to be traced on. Tip: Stick the popsicle sticks on a piece of duct tape to keep them in formation. Glue on a second layer of popsicle sticks and wait for it to dry. Last, trace the kunai template onto the popsicle sticks.

Step 4: Really Rough Shaping

Use a saw or a dremel to rough shape your kunai. Basically, trim off all the excess scrap.

Step 5: Grind Away!

When rough shaping, leave a little bit of space around the lines because you don't want the whole thing to snap when you drill the holes in the middle. Incrementally increase the size of the drill bit until their is enough space to start sanding. Sand 'till you can fit the nickels in the holes (2 nickels in each hole).

Step 6: File, File, Sand

Fine tune those curves and angles and...everything else. I used a dremel to smooth out the grain on the wood but sand paper will do just fine.

Step 7: Cut the Can (Don't Just Kick It)

Snip the top and bottom off the can. Roll it out so that you have a long sheet of soda can metal...or seltzer can metal.

Step 8: Trace the Kunai

Trace the kunai on the back side of the metal and cut it out.


Super glue the metal to the kunai. Stack books and other heavy stuff on top of it while it dries. TAKE THAT AIR BUBBLES!!!

Step 10: The Other Side Now...

Do the same thing, except, taper down the edges of the metal. This piece should be skinnier than the previous piece. Make sure that you glue the nickels in before you glue the top on!

Step 11: Sand Some More

Sand the blade until you get that nice slant on the sides. Once again, I used my dremel.

Step 12: Paracord Handle (Optional)

This step is optional, but it makes your kunai look so much more awesome. I just slapped a layer of super glue on the handle and wrapped the paracord around. Super simple and super awesome!

Step 13: YAY! Finished!

Alright!!! Stand back and admire your new, 25% functional Kunai...

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