Introduction: Crappy Boat

this is a crappy boat i made its fun to play with and entertaining to make

Step 1: Make Foundation of Boat

I took 3 long pieces of pvc pipe and made the 2 longer ones the same length and the other one the same size of 2 corner pieces glues together facing up. drill a hole in the base for the wires to go through

Step 2: Put Parts Together With Hot Glue

make sure that u glue all of the pieces together so that no what gets in also glue the hole from the wires

Step 3: Getting It to Float

the pvc pipe its self doesnt float too well so i drilled 2 pieces of wood together for extra support.

The nails stick out of the wood so that the boat moves the wood as well

Step 4: Connect Battery in Water

then the boat starts moving but is bad bc it only moves at an angle

Step 5: Finished Project

the boat needs to be weighed out evenly so add what ever u want in the back, i found that drilling a nail in then sticking washers on works the best.

overall u need for this boat,

2 motors

one or two batteries

pvc pipe wires and 2 batteries.

this boat is hard to break but not very good so if u have a 3 year old give this to him bc its a piece of crap