Introduction: Large Lovely Life Preserver Cardboard Costume!

      Costumes these days are expensive and are often very hard to store. For my Technology class in high school, my peers and I had to each design and create costume to solve these problems.  Our assignment was to create a marine- themed costume that would story in a flat package.  Aslo, it had to be made completely out of cardboard.  
      For this project, my group and I decided to do marine accessories. I chose to create a life preserver. This costume is simple and easy to make, and just follow the directions to create a one-of-a-kind costume!

Design Brief:
-I had to design a costume
-This costume had to use slotted construction

The specifications of this project:
-create a costume that uses recycable materials
-costume must be able to be used by middle-school aged children in a play or for Halloween
-costume must assemble and dissemble easily
-store in a flat package

The limitations for this project:
-assemble only using slotted construction
-use only cardboard
-no permanent fasteners (glue, tape, etc.)

Step 1: Tools and Materials List

Supply List:
ITEM    MATERIAL           QTY       SIZE           DESCRIPTION
S1        CARDBOARD     three     4'x4'            Double ply sheets. Used to create the two main pieces, the support strip, and the suspenders 

Tools and Equipment:
ITEM       TOOL                          USE
T1            UTILITY KNIFE         To cut the carboard into the correct pieces
T2            CUTTING MAT          To cut the cardboard on top of to protect work surfaces
T3            TAPE MEASURE      To measure the correct sizes of all the pieces
T4            PENCIL                      To outline the shape of the pieces on the cardboard
T5            SCISSORS                To trim the edges of the cardboard

Step 2: Part 1: LARGE RINGS

1. Take the cardboard (S1) and draw larger circle outline using the pencil (T4) and the tape measure (T3).
2. Draw the smaller circle within the larger outline using the pencil (T4) and the tape measure (T3) to make sure it is directly in the center of the larger circle.
3. Place the cardboard (S1) on top of the cutting mat (T1) on a flat surface.
4. Use the utility knife (T2) to cut through the cardboard along the lines, and push out the inner circle and the larger circle
5. Discard the smaller circle.
6. Calculate where the slots would be in the surface of the circle and cut them with the utility knife (T2).
7. Use the scissors (T5) to trim the edges of the cardboard that possibly frayed.
8. Repeat this step once more so you have two circle “donut” shapes.

Step 3: Part 2: SUSPENDERS

1. Measure out the correct length and width of the suspender on the cardboard (S1) using the tape measure (T3) and mark off the borders using a pencil (T4) . It should be 1" wide, and how ever long it is from the front of your waist, over your shoulder, to the back of your waist. 
2. Cut out along the lines using a utility knife (T2) on top of the cutting mat (T1).
3. On the very ends of the suspender, cut (T2) two slits an inch up from the bottom that go in about a centimeter.
4. Use the scissors (T5) to trim the edges of the cardboard that possibly frayed.
5. Repeat these steps one more time to create a total of two suspenders.

Step 4: Part P3: SUPPORT STRIP

1. Mark the measurements along the cardboard (S1) for the strip with a pencil (T4).  It should be about 5" thick, and about halfway between the circumferences of your rings.  So if the smaller circumference is about 30" and the larger is about 64", the length of the strip should be about 50". 
2. Cut it out using a utility knife (T2) on top of a cutting mat (T1)
3.Create tab outlines with a pencil (T4) every 6 inches using the tape measure (T3) on each longer side of the strip. There should be about four on each side.
4. On the shorter side, cut the strip about 6 inches up and cut it so that it narrows out.
5. Cut two slots about 4 inches apart and 3 inches long and about an inch up from the bottom of the tab on the other shorter side using a utility knife (T2).
6. Use the scissors (T5) to trim the edges of the cardboard that possibly frayed.
I actually made two, but just used the better one. 

Step 5: Parts List

P1          2           Large Rings
P2          2           Suspenders
P3          1            Support Strip


1. Fold in the tabs at the slits of the suspenders (P2).
2. Inset the folded tabs into the corresponding slots on the top circle (P1) and unfold the folded part of the tab.
3. Repeat this with both ends of both suspenders, and do it so that the back of the suspenders are crossed.
4. Next, fold in the tabs on the support strip (P3).
5. Insert them into the corresponding slots on the top and bottom circle (P1).
6. Unfold the folded section of the tabs to lock and hold the strip (P3) in place.
7. Repeats this step with all of the tabs in the support strip (P3).
8. After this, you should number all the slots and tabs so that when you take the costume apart, you can easily put it back together. 
. After all the tabs on the support strip are in place, insert the long narrow tab in and through the slot on the other end of the strip (P3) and through the next slot to create a belt-like seal.