Introduction: Crazy Scientist Glasses and Supplies

These are easy to make glasses that if made correctly can be worn and look very cool.

You will need:
-2 red solo cups

-12 popsicle sticks

-Plenty of tape

-2 clear Christmas ornaments with removable tops

-1 pipe cleaner -Scissors

Step 1: Preparations

You will want to cut off the bottoms of the cups to make a tube that tapers off. You're also going to want to take the tops off of the ornaments. Next, you can put the ornaments in the bottom of the cups so that about half of the ornament is hanging out of the bottom of the cup. You will need to tape around the bottom of the cup to hold the ornament in.

Step 2: Assembly

Next you will want to tape the two cups together using two popsicle sticks together on the bottom and tops of the cups, as seen in the picture. Then, use the remaining popsicle sticks to make the sides of the glasses, making sure to have the sides at the right length were the end of the frame will fit snugly behind the ear.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Finally, the only way for the glasses to be worn is to have a pipe cleaner attached. Make sure to have the pipe cleaner wrapped around the ends of the frames but in a way that can easily come off, or else you won't be able to put on or take off the glasses without breaking it. And that's all there is to it!