Introduction: Create a Car Air Freshener for Super Cheap!

About: Im a banker worker who likes to create things on weekends!

Create a small and cute air freshener for you car using cheap items!

Step 1: Things You Need!

- a small glass jelly pot

- scissors

- a small nail

- a piece of fabric

- A perfurm (some smell that you like dilluted on alcohol, a dried orange, or lime) ( i am using clove spice who were soaked on alcohol for 2 weeks)

- super glue

- strings (optional)

Step 2: Making the Lid

After poking holes into the metal lid, we need to glue a piece of fabric, to seal the alcohol vapors, thats is needed to spread the scent slowly and reduce the vaporization of alcohol.

Step 3: Finishing the Lid

you can finish the lid with a string (like a homemade jelly pot) than cut the excess and thats it

Step 4: Thats It!

Closing the pot, and putting on your car!

after 10 minutes the fabric over the lid start to get wet... thats a good sigh, means that the alcohol are vaporizing and spreading the scent over the space.

Step 5: Finding a Nice Spot on Our Car

on my car i had cup spaces on the between the driver and the passenger, thats perfect, because the air going to circulate more over the first seats.

Its small and cute little pot. you can use more vivid fabric! Use your imagination!