Introduction: Create a Homemade Meteorological Survey

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For this cheap homemade wind survey, we going to need some cheap ping pong balls, a pvc pipe, super glue, a heat source, and a old hd motor

Step 1: Making the Balls and Arms

First we need to saw the ping pong balls in the middle, its fairly easy to do, clamping the saw on the vice and cutting the ball, makes more easy, than, we need to cut a piece of pvc pipe, in four pieces, and making straight by heating and clamping on the vice, sanding, and making the arms equal.

Step 2: Mounting on Old Hd Motor and Finishing

after cutting the pieces of pvc and the half balls, we need to mount on the hd motor, for my luck my old hd motor had the clamp piece, than i use that part to clamp the pvc arms, you can glue or using another method, after this using heat turn the pvc arm 90° degrees to glue the half balls,

than you need to choose your style, bending upwards, or making flat, or even extending the arms to make more sensitve to wind.

I have glued on the broomstick, but you can put on any support.

Step 3: Thats It!

after defining your style just mount on the home, a place were the wind blows, a open area.

That wind survey are just visual, sure that you can hook wires on the hd motor, to measure the winds via voltage.

but thats your choice! thats it! Thanks!