Introduction: Save Old Lathe Feed Collars With Cheap Items

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Lets renew a old lathe feed collars

Step 1: Simple Items to Renew Your Lathe Colars

I have a old lathe a Joinville 117r model made in brazil in 1975 that lathe are inspired on south bend lathe small models. A very acurate fine lathe. But the colars feed are worn out, thats bad, because without any control on feed you cant do a precise work... thats why we need to solve this!

you going to need:

1 - a sharp knife or sharp metal

2 - a small wire brush

3 - ink corrector or white ink

4 - clear nail polish or a lacquer

Step 2: Start the Work

First thing first, we need to clean with a sharp blade the marks of the collars, really scribing the marks deep and cleaning and taking of the rust and old paint, than clean with a wire brush with a lateral swipe for only one side to really remove the particules of dust and rust, do this until you get deep lines.

Step 3: Painting Our Collar

Im using a corretor ink, just because is cheap and readily avaliable for everyone, but you can use white paint to or even other colors. I did several coats until the ink go on to the deep of the lines

Step 4: Finishing

Let the ink or the corrector set for while, thats very fast on the corrector ink, and just rub your finger or a piece of fabric to clean, i did both than use a piece of cloth to take the excess of ink and clean the collar

Step 5: Thats It!

To finish just add a lacquer or in my case a clear nail polish to seal that ink and finish the project, now just let it cure for some hours! and you get a renew feed collar!

Step 6: