Introduction: Use Lipbalm and Loose Eyeshadow Pigment to Create an Awesome Lip Color!

For this tutorial you will be needing the following materials:

1. 2 lip brushes

2. Mica Beauty Shimmer 91 Diligence (dark brown)

3. Mica Beauty Shimmer 9 Carnival (gold color)

4. Mica Beauty Clear Lip Balm

5. 1 Paper Towel

6. Any Foudation or cover up

Step 1: Getting Prepared and Application

- First clean your lips and hydrate them with either Ponds or Nivea facial creme. Do not cake the facial creme on your lips. Simply take a small pea size portion and spread it on you lips.

- Now open the Mica Lipbalm and the 2 Mica colored pigments. Use the lids from both Mica colored pigments as small containers or cups.

- Pour a small amount of each pigement onto it's own lid.

Step 2: Application

- Now take your lip brush and dip it into the Mica lipbalm (This will make the color go on smoothly) then dip the brush in the small pile of Mika shimmer 91 Diligence (dark brown) and outline both the bottom and top lip.

- After you have outlined you lips clean the brush with the paper towel. (The brush doesn't have to be cleaned thoroughly because it will be used to blend both colors at the end.)

Step 3: Final Application

- Take the same lip brush and dip it into the Mica Lipbalm again. Now dip it into the Mica Beauty Shimmer 9 Carnival (gold color).

- Apply the gold shimmer in the center of the bottom lip and top lip

- Begin blending in the areas where both colors meet (Do this on the top and bottom lip until it has fully blended.)

Last Step! : Using the second lip brush, take a small amount of foundation or coverup and apply it around the top and bottom lipline. (This will clean up any mistakes and create a sharp outline :)

* The great thing about using loose pigment for lip color is that you get to customize and create new shades of lip sticks. You can also mix more than 2 colors to create a gradient color scheme. I have done this with almost every color you can think of. It looks beautiful on and it lasts a lot longer than any lipstick i've ever used!

I hope you have enjoyed this instructable! :D

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