Instructable Robot Nails!

Introduction: Instructable Robot Nails!

No nail polish? No problem! :D

For this tutorial you will be needing the following materials:

1. Small nail scissors

2. Nail Glue

3. Clear Scotch Tape

4. Tweezers

5. Black artifical press on nails

6. Printed Intructable Robots and Letters

Step 1: Getting Prepared!

- First look for a picture of the Instructable robot.

- Save the image onto your computer and then paste the image onto a blank document. Make sure to shrink the image small enough so that it can be placed onto the artifical nail.

- Change the writing font to chiller. The font size should be kept at 12. Then type the word using caps: A R T ! or R O B O T

* Make sure to space out the letters. This will make cutting the letters out a lot easier.

- Print

Step 2: Cut Outs!

- Now cut each indivdual letter and robot character using the small nail scissors

Step 3: Paste and Shade!

- Grab the nail glue and apply a drop onto an artifical thumb nail.

- Using your tweezers pick up the tiny instructable character and place it on top of the nail. Lightly press down on the character to get it to fully stick on.

- Now take a sharpie and cover the rest of the white paper edges on the robot. (This will make it look nice and neat :D

Step 4: Tape It Down and Press It On!

- Using the small nail scissors cut a piece of clear scotch tape and place over half of the nail.

- Press down and try to get as many air bubbles out.

- Then cut off the excess tape (make sure to cut the tape along the edge of the nail and as close as possible)

- Repeat these steps for the top half of the nail.

- When you are done simply press on the nail and your good to go! :)

* This is all you really need to know because the lettering is basically done the same way. so now repeat the whole process but now for each individual letter :) make sure to use the appropriate size nail for each finger enjoy! :D

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    8 years ago

    So cute! You make them look so easy