Introduction: Creating a Portrait Painting From Your App Art

Do you ever wish you could create a painting from your photo edited art? You can! In this Instructable we will start with a photo that has been processed through the app “”Photolab”, although any simplifying app art program will work. Using the Instructable lesson on transferring your image to a canvas, we’ll prepare our image for painting.


Artist Mat Gel for photo transfer
Clear (transparent) Gesso
Assortment of Paint brushes
Acrylic Paint set
Glass of water for rinsing brushes
Color mixing guide (optional)

Step 1: Edit Your Photo of a Face in Your Favorite App

After simplifying your image by processing it through the photo app, follow the Instructable directions for transferring the image onto a canvas.

Step 2: Coat the Image With Clear (transparent) Gesso.

After the image transfer has dried, apply the first coat of gesso to cover image that you transferred into the canvas. Let dry. Apply second coat and allow to dry. It will dry clear!

Step 3: You’re Ready to Paint on Top of Your Image!

Using acrylic paints and the image as a guide, paint on top of the canvas. You can use your creativity here and substitute colors, paint over areas you want to omit or paint new images on the canvas to make the painting your own vision.

If you are unfamiliar with musing colors you can refer to a color mixing guide, or experiment!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Portrait or Reprocess Through an App

Enjoy your process as is or photograph it and reprocess it through a different photo editing app. The example of the finished painting and another version changed in the “Brushstroke” app.

Step 5: Optional Painting a Line Drawing

As an option you can also create a line drawing of your photo and after printing on a laser copier repeat the process. This provides a structure for your image and placement of the facial features.

Have fun experimenting and creating art with the help of photo apps.
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