Introduction: Creating a Simple Frame

This instructables will teach you how to make a simple homemade frame for any photo or piece of "art" you would like to frame!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:


Glue stick (make sure the glue stick is strong and usable on wood)

Poster Board (the color is not important. It is going to be the base for your art and the frame)

Popsicle sticks (smaller popsicle sticks allow you to use more when crafting your frame. It adds to the aesthetic of the frame)

Assorted Decorations (Optional)

Tape (optional)

Step 2: Adding Art to Poster Board:

Apply glue to the back of your art piece (if you are going to want to replace the art in the future. Use tape for this step).

Place art, glue side down, in the center of your poster board.

Step 3: Building the Frame

After allowing time for your picture to adhere to the poster board, it is time to build your frame.

Apply glue to one side of your popsicle stick.

Place the popsicle stick, glue side down, along the edge of your art .(make sure to firmly press down on the popsicle stick. This ensures the glue starts adhering to the stick and paper).

Continue lining the edge of the art. NOTE: If your popsicle stick extends past the edge of the art, do not worry. We will address this later. Simply allow it to extend past the edge for now.

Step 4: Building the Frame Continued: Cutting

Once the art is completely lined with popsicle sticks, it is time to cut the poster board away from the frame.

Following the edge of the frame, use your scissors to cut the poster board.

If you had any overhanging popsicle sticks this is where you will cut them.

Use the scissors to cut through the overhanging portion of the popsicle stick. NOTE: it may take significant force to get through the popsicle stick. This may cause the stick to come unglued from the paper. If this happens, simply reapply glue to the stick and replace on the edge of the art.

Continue cutting out your frame from the poster board.

If you are left with any uneven edges of poster board still attached to your frame, remove it by cutting close to the edge of your frame.

Step 5: Building the Frame Continued: Adding Another Layer

After you have a complete border of popsicle sticks around your art, apply glue to the top of each popsicle stick that comprises your border.

Take a new popsicle stick and apply glue to the bottom side of it.

Now lay the popsicle stick on top of the popsicle stick that makes up your frame. This is to create a layer of popsicle sticks two high around your frame.

Continue this step until you have a 2 popsicle stick layer around your frame.

After you complete this step, take a new popsicle stick and apply glue to it.

Place the new popsicle stick on the corner of the frame at the angle shown.

Repeat for each corner of the frame.

Step 6: Decorating Your Frame (optional)

This next section is completely optional. Your frame is complete, but why not spruce it up by adding some decorations to it. I chose to add red flowers to the frame.

Remove flowers from the packaging and apply glue to the bottom side of the flower.

Firmly press the flower, glue side down, onto the corner of the frame.

Repeat for each corner.

Feel free to add any decorations you would like during this step.