Introduction: Creative Birthday Card Decoration

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Hey friends!

You all must have made or seen a birthday card. Probably for your bestie or your parents or relatives. Ever wondered making your birthday cards a little out of the box.

Here I help you to make a very creative birthday card decoration like the one shown above.

So, let's start making the card decoration.


For making this decoration all you need is a pair of scissors, a pencil, a ruler and of course, a sheet of paper. There is no particular size for this decoration

Step 1:

Take a sheet of paper and keep it horizontally. Then fold it as shown above along the length (the longer side).

Step 2:

Keep the sheet of folded paper horizontally. Then take a ruler and measure a required length as shown above. Keep some distance from the sides of course. By keeping the same distance from the other side mark a line of the same length with a ruler. Then, with a pair of scissors cut along the lines you've drawn as shown above. Then fold the rectangle that you've just cut.

Step 3:

Now unfold the whole paper. As shown above, keep one of your fingers pressed on the cut rectangle and fold the whole rectangle. After folding firmly, unfold the paper halfway. One layer will be present as shown above.

Step 4:

Now fold the paper again. Keep some distance from the side of the rectangle as shown above and draw a line. Do the same on the other side of the rectangle and cut along the lines. While cutting, be careful to cut only the layer above on which you've drawn the line and not on the one below. then repeat step 3 on this rectangle you've just cut. You'll get two layers with one on top of the other. You can keep repeating this by making the layers thinner and thinner as shown above. In this way, you can make a pop-up cake on the birthday card by decorating this pop-up cake.

Step 5:

However, you might have noticed that when the card remains folded, something non-attractive will be seen as shown above. To solve this problem just take another piece of paper and stick it to cover only this part of the paper as shown above. Remember to not stick the paper on the other side as this can mess up the decoration.

Your creative birthday card decoration is ready. It is up to you about how attractive you want the card to look. So make a beautiful birthday card this way, give it to your bestie or parents or relatives and amaze them.

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