Introduction: Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet)

Turn your old Credit-Cards (or any plastic card) into a nice little flower box to grow your own mini flowers in.

These are sure to lighten up your fridge, office desk or any other drab place that needs a little of nature's creations to lighten it up.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Credit-Card (or similar)
Masking Tape
Sticky Tape
Scissors or Stanly Knife
Colouring pen/pencil (orange was the colour I chose)
Permanant Marker

Step 2: Mark Where You'll Fold

Using the Permanent Marker, make a line running across each side of your old credit-card.
The lines have to be 17mm away from each edge.

Step 3: Cut Off the Edges

Now take either your Scissors or Stanley Knife (depending on what you chose to use) and cut off all of the 4 corners.

You will not need the 4 corner pieces so can throw them away.

Step 4: Fold the Flaps Up

Fold each of the flaps up, so that they are pointing towards the sky.

If you find that you have trouble bending any of the flaps along the lines then try lightly scoring the line using a sharp object.
Alternatively you could lay a ruler along the line and then bend the exposed side towards the ruler.

Our Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet) is now starting to take shape.

Step 5: Sticky Tape the Corners Together

Now that the flaps have been bent upwards we have to Sticky Tape them into position.
Wrap the Sticky Tape around the flaps of the box a few times until there firmly held in shape.

The Sticky Tape will also block the gaps where the flaps meet and so retain any moisture when you water your flowers.

All we have left to do now is colour our Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet) and then attach the magnet so that we can stick it to the fridge.

Step 6: Wrap Your Flower Box in Masking Tape

To be able to colour in our flower box we will need to cover it in Masking Tape, this will give us a nice surface to be able to use our coloured pen/pencil.

So take your Masking Tape and wrap it around your flower box a few times just like you did with the Sticky Tape.

Step 7: Colour in Your Flower Box

You should now have a Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet) that is wrapped in Masking Tape. Now (for many people) comes the fun part. You get to add some colour to your flower box; so choose whatever colouring pen/pencil you want and get colouring.

I chose an orange, similar to a flower pot colour.

Step 8: Attach the Magnet

To attach the magnet simply stick it to the outside of your flower box with sticky tape.

If you want to add extra stability to your flower box then you could attach a magnet to the opposing's ends of the flap.

If you are worried that your sticky tape isn't strong enough then stick it on with super glue.
Also, you may find that your magnet isn't strong enough to hold your flower box, in which case you could always use a small Rare-earth magnet.

Step 9: Add a Little Bit of Compost

Now that the flower box is complete, all we have left to do is add the compost and then choose our flowers.

3 tea spoons worth of compost should suffice.

Step 10: Add the Flowers

All thats left to do now is choose what flowers you want in your Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet).

I decided to give my flower box more of a 'forest' look, so chose some nice looking weeds from the garden.

Step 11: Finished! - Stick It to Your Fridge

And there we have it, your old useless credit-card is now a lovely Flower Box Fridge Magnet.
What more could you want on your fridge.

There are obviously loads of other places you can put your Credit-Card Flower Box, so don't feel limited to the fridge.

If you notice any errors or problems with my Instructable then drop me a comment.
Also if you make one of these then post a picture, they'd be great to see.

Any updates to this How-To will appear on my website

Step 12: Your Ideas...

After publishing my instructable I started getting people mention some great ideas. So if they don't mind I'd like to share them with you (and give them credit of course).

ejk00 suggested:
Using coloured Duct Tape instead of using the Masking Tape and colouring pen/pencil.

KnittingFreak suggested:
Sticking kiddish stickers or mini photo's of friends/family onto your flower box to add the personal touch to it, and make it look more appealing than just the mild colouring.

Weissensteinburg suggested:
Using two magnets instead of just the one. This will help with stability and stop any chance of it spinning/tipping over.

capricorn suggested:
Growing cooking herbs in it.

Very Keri suggested:
Painting it and then covering it with buttons, rhinestones and/or ribbon. Then growing Basil in it.

crasch48 suggested:
Adding a little polymer from a nappy (diaper) or ladies pad will hold the water longer, thus requiring less watering.

xmariax suggested:
After colouring the masking tape, cover the Flower Box with a little sticky tape.
This helps to give it a glossy, wipe-proof look.

musicalbee2003 suggested:
Using a strip magnet instead of a normal magnet.

stephaniepotter suggested:
Growing plants in it that have very shallow roots, such as aloe, cacti, or mosses.

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