Introduction: Credit Card Playing Cards

If you have any sort of cards laying around and you don't know what to do with them then make unique playing cards!!!

Very cheap but takes a while to do.

• 52 or 56 plastic cards
• 52 or 56 labels (can print on)
• 2 different colored markers
• flat surface

Step 1: Organize Cards

You don't need to specifically organize the cards but I suggest it.

You need to make 4 decks of 13 cards. extras (4) are jokers. 2 decks will be one color, the other 2 the other color.

Step 2: Labeling

Place a label on desired side of card.

if the label is big then you could design it like a card.

Label all cards and if you have printing labels you can print card pictures on all of them

When labeling use a flat surface to make the edges flat.

Step 3: Drawing

Draw on the cards the correct number or type! Make them UNIQUE!!!