Introduction: Crispy Chicken Skin Popcorn

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In this Instructable we're going to show you how to make, quite possibly one of the tastiest snacks possible - Crispy Chicken Skin Popcorn.
This is a great recipe tip for using up the leftover chicken and making an awesome snack in one.

By saving a little of the skin for the chicken, in no time at all you'll have a buttery, salty crunchy snack that you'll wonder why you've never tried before.

Give this one a go next time you have a roast chicken. Amazing dinner followed by awesome popcorn in the evening whilst watching a movie.

Step 1: Video Recipe:

Watch the full video to see how it's done, and go and make your own!

Step 2: Ingredients / Requirements

You will need:

Skin, removed from leftover roast chicken, or previously reserved skin from fresh chicken
Parchment paper
Popcorn kernels
Salt (try some flavoured salt such as rosemary salt to enhance the roast chicken flavour)

Step 3: Enjoy

Pick your favourite movie, put your feet up and ENJOY!