Introduction: Crochet Flower Wreath!

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Make a gorgeous crocheted wreath!

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need yarn and a crochet hook!
I used the bon-bon package on the right...all 8 of those mini skeins to make my wreath.
I also used a bright green ball of yarn...just for chain stitching.
For the hook, I used a J.

I'm not the expert at explaining all the fancy crochet terms...
so I'll try my best!

Here's how to make the rosettes!

Step 2: Rosettes--Part 1

This tutorial is simple.
However, it is assumed that you know the basics of crocheting.
I am as basic as it gets.
There are only 3 stitches involved here...
chain, double crochet and half double crochet.
to begin you need:
yarn and crochet hook (mine is a J)

Begin with a slip knot.
Make sure it doesn't undo with the short piece of yarn.
Chain stitch 4 chains...
Loop back through the first chain stitch to make a center loop.
This makes a donut shape.  You will do in and out of this loop now.
Then looping through the center of your donut, you will double crochet 18 or 21 times.
(18 will make a 6 petal flower, 21 makes a 7 petal...I like the odd number petals..weird right?)
All the way around .
Now look closely at your little yo-yo.
It's got a nice looped edge all around it...

Step 3: Rosettes--Part 2

I drew on this image so you can see the edge better.
We will be using those drawn on loops for the next portion.

We'll go around the yo-yo twice...first time around we'll loop
through the top of every third loop, second time on the bottom third loop...make sense?

Now you are going to chain stitch again.  4 chains, then you will hook
through the top loop of the double crochets you just did.  Hook on every third double crochet.
Chain 4, hook through the third...until you are back to where you started.
Then you will go around the same way again, this time chaining
5 times and hooking on the bottom loop of your double crochet...
Once back around, we'll begin building our petals.
Hook your yarn back to the first chain loop you made on the "top" layer.
Begin by doing a half double crochet through the chain loop

Then do 3 double crochets through the same chain loop.
See how it's building a scallop edge?
then go back down the the half double crochet and then a simple
hook and pull over to the next chain stitched loop.
Do this same pattern on all the chain loops we made...
Once you are back around, hook through the second layer of chain loops we made.
and repeat the same steps building up your petals all the way around
Once you finish your last petal you are done.
Clip your yarn about 4 inches from the flower and pull the yarn through securing the knot.
Here's the backside now.
I take my 2 yarns and tie them together and then trim them close.
Turn it over and it's done!
Fluff your petals and use it!
Great for hair clip flowers or on something fun to come...

Hope that sort of made sense.
It's hard to write out how to crochet.
But it's pretty easy--just try it and you'll get the hang of it!

Step 4: Wrap the Wreath!

Then I stacked flowers and yo-yo's and hot glued them together.
You will need a bunch of bright colored crocheted rosettes!

And a cutie pie that can crochet yards of chain stitch rope.
This little woman did 60 yards for me!
And she loved it!

I made a wreath form from a pool noodle from the dollar store.
Then hot glued one end of my chain stitched rope and
started wrapping it around the wreath...
over and over and over.

Until fully wrapped.  I also added a little
slash across the middle...
Started without glue and decided where
I wanted the flowers to go.  Then...
I hot glued the flowers right on the wreath!

Bright and colorful!

Step 5: Hang and Enjoy!

Now you have a fabulous wreath to enjoy!

Hope you like the finished look!

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