Introduction: Crochet Girl's Peacock/ Vegas Showgirl Costume

Halloween doesn't have to be spooky or scary to be fun. Its also a perfect time to be beautiful in ways you couldn't be any other time of the year. I crocheted this costume for my three year old daughter because she loves the painting of two peacocks i have hanging in my dining room. Since this was custom sized for my daughter an exact patter would be useless. But I will share every type of stitch and technique i used so hopefully you can make one for your fabulous little beauty as well. Sorry about the low quality images. Like my last ible photos were taken with cellphone. Hopefully my husband picks up on my hints for my birthday lol :D

Step 1: Materials

I used worsted weight yarns in vibrant blue, green, orange and purple. A size I hook and a toddler to help make my measurements. You can use any yarns you want. I jsut used what i had alot of on hand which happened to be from walmart.

Step 2: The Skirt

This may seem like an odd place to start but i wanted to make sure that it fit well around her tush and waist. And as with most toddlers her waist is roughly the same circumference as her trunk.

First i made a long chain and measured it around her waist and made sure i had about a three to four chain overlap for comfort. I used a standard shell stitch which consists on double crochet 5 times in second chain from hook, skip one chain and single crochet. Continue. For further instructions on this stitch please refer to either or look up videos on you tube bt TJW1963. Both are amazing references which i will recommend throughout this ible.

Step 3: The Bodice

Again this part is also done with the blue yarn. After the skirt is desired length (i made it to about the knee) attach both sides together so the rectangle you have in your lap actually looks like a skirt. After this is done, usually worked back toward your first row of shells, so now the shells flair out towards the bottom of the skirt, it is time to start the double crochet rounds of the bodice. When at the top of the seam in my skirt i chain two and place a double crochet in each of my starting chains of the skirt. When you come back to wear you began slip stitch into your first double crochet, which is actually your chain two, chain another two and start the doubles crochets again. Do these rounds until you reach just under the bust area. Now it is time to make the angles front of the halter. I slip stitched till i was at the side. (fold your piece in half so your seam from the skirt is in the back to help determine the side of the bodice) at this point you can wither chain two and build up some more half rows of double crochet which will leave a 90 degreeish angle in the sides, Or start  the half rows with one single crochet, then a half and then a double and ending with double, then half, then single. One slip stitch at the end is handy to make it smother looking. Do as many rows as needed till the bust is covered. After i was at the end of my last bodice row i began the halter strap. I chained two, and then made two double crochet only, instead of going straight across as before. at which point i turned and started the next row of three double crochet until i had an appropriate length to slip over the head and fit around the neck. Then attach to opposite end of bust section.

Step 4: The Tail

This is the most time consuming part as each feather is made individually. But gives a really stunning result. Done in vibrant green, purple, blue and orange.

First i began with "the pineapple". Fellow yarn craftsmen will be familiar with this shape which is commonly used in doilies. My pineapple is not a normal one. I winged mine. You can find examples of crochet pineapple doilies on the website i mentioned earlier.

my pineapple:
--Chain ten and join to form ring
--In ring make 20 double crochet and join with slip stitch
--chain two, turn and put two double crochet in next 9 stitches
--Chain two, turn and double crochet in each double crochet
--next chain 5, turn skip two stitches then single crochet, repeat across making any adjustments needed to end last chain 5 loon on the last double crochet.
--turn and slip stitch to center of chain five. chain 5 and single crochet in loops across ending in center of last chain 5 loop.
--Continue this process till you end with a single chain 5 loop at the bottom or tip of your pineapple.
--At this point i turned and slip stitched to the center of my last ch 5 loop and began trimming it with single crochet to smooth the edges.

Feathers: (can make longer then 20 if needed, mine go to my daughters ankles)

I chained 20 and then fastened off to leave thin chains dangling from the edges of the pineapple. i started with one on the upper corner and made 4 equally spaced chains. I made 4 chains clustered at the tip, and 4 more working back to the other upper corner.

After all the chains have been made i used the loop stitch ( and did one loop stitch per chain starting from pineapple up to tip of chain then looped stitched down the other side until i can back to the bottem of the chain. Fasten off and repeat for all feathers.

After the loops/ fringe is done i made a cluster, or popcorn type stitch in the last chain of the feathers in purple. This begins they eyes of the feathers.
After all purple cluster are done, i went around each with blue, then with orange making sure to keep them as flat as possible and not little bowls. After the color portion of each eye is done I trimmed each with more green loop stitches. By the time the feathers are done, you'll probably never want to make another loop again lol.

Before attaching to my dress, i washed the dress with extra fabric softener to make it less itchy.

DO NOT WASH THE TAIL!!!! i have no clue how well a loop stitch will fair in a washer and dryer, and you wouldn't want to undo all that work on accident.

To attach i put the dress on my daughter and places the top of the tail at the very bottom of the small of her back, or top of tush and tied it with scrap pieces of the green yarn and trimmed the access on the ties.

Step 5: Trim

The trim is very simple for the neck like and halter strap i did a simple single crochet border in green,

For the bottom of the skirt i did a cluster in the center stitch of each fan in orange. After I trimmed all around in green. When coming to a when doing the green trim place a double crochet next to each cluster. It helps the hem to not bunch up.

Step 6: Ideas for Accesories

My daughter hates hates so we're opting to do makeup win the same colors as the outfit, sort of like a mask.

But this link ( ) for a lace hat would look great done in blue, maybe trimmed in green with some fringe of each color on the top of the head, like the frill a peacock has on its head.

I also considered making blue wristbands with hanging multi colored fringe going up the side so it would dangle. Possible also trimmed with green to match.

The link listed were not created by me but are offered as free patterns and tutorials.

I hope this ible will be either clear enough for you to create your own, or just enough to inspire your own creativity. I would love for you to post any pictures if you do create this or are inspired. Thanks for your time and Happy Halloween!

Hopefully pictures of my daughter in it will come soon.

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