Introduction: Crochet & Macrame W/ Leather Scratches

A friend was cleaning out his studio and just before he threw it out, he asked me if I want to use a whole bag of suede scratches.

"Umm.. Sure!"

I brought the sack home and was worried it could stay in our small apartment forever. A while later, I decided to cut lace and crochet a bag. (Boy, I don't recommend people try this on a small living room floor.) It was a whole summer job to cut 1000 miles of suede lace. But result is GREAT! Definitely, unique & different texture and I love it.

Preparing long, long, and long... enough, enough, and enough lace is 90% of work.

I did crochet without the pattern. Because of colors and sizes were limited from the bag of scratches, I just crocheted as the hook goes wherever.

Make a tote with suede.

And I used sewing machine leather belt for strap. Here, I dyed with brown color.

I added macrame with cowhide lace on handle.

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