Introduction: Crochet Pokeball Keychain Flashlight

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In this Instructable I will show you how to make your own Pokeball Keychain with a built in flashlight. A handy accessory to have when you go out to catch those Pokemon, plus it looks cute too!

This is a fairly simple project for beginner crocheters and the material for the flashlight can easily be found at a dollar store.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Yarn weight 4:




2.25mm crochet hook

Yarn needles

Polyfil/fibrefil stuffing of some sort

black and white felt and some glue

small LED flashlight and a dowel

Keychain with clip

Crochet Nomenclature:

Rnd round

sl st - slip stitch

st(s) -stitch(s)

ch(s) -chain stitch(s)

sc -single crochet

inc -increase

Step 2: Crochet Two Half Spheres

We will be making two half spheres, one white and one red.

Row 1 : Magic circle 5 [ 5 st]

Row 2 : inc, inc, inc, inc, inc2 [ 11 st]

Row 3: inc, 2, inc, 1, inc, 1, inc, 1, inc, 1 [ 16 st]

Row 4: 2, inc, 3, inc, 3, inc, 3, inc, 1[ 20 st]

Row 5: 7, inc, 9, inc, 2 [ 22 st]

Row 6: 2, inc, 10, inc, 8 [ 24 st]

Add onto the red half sphere (only) with black yarn

Row 7 : 23 sc in sc, skip one stitch (this is to create a hole for the LED) [ 23 st]

Step 3: Make a Loop and Start Stiching the Halves Together

To make the loop for the key chain:

With red yarn sl st into the centre top of the red half sphere ch 4 and sl st back into the half sphere at the centre, tie off and weave in tails.

Joining half spheres:

With black yarn begin stitching the two halves of the sphere together, starting at the gap in the black row for the LED. Stitch only half way around the sphere for now.

Step 4: Stuff It and Add the Light

Preferably use a small flashlight with an on/off button rather than a sliding switch. You will also need a small dowel or piece of plastic that will allow you to press the button by squeezing the ball. If the whole flashlight doesn't fit into the sphere you will need to pry open the housing to get just the flashlight part out (like the one I have in the picture above).

Partially fill the sphere with stuffing. Place the flashlight so that the LED sticks out of the gap created by the skipped stitch in the black row. Add the dowel so it fits snug against the button and add more stuffing. Fill with the stuffing so that it is quite firm and the light can be turned on easily by squeezing the ball. Continue stitching the rest of the two halves together.

Step 5: Finishing Up

With some black and white felt cut two circles, the black should be a couple of millimeters larger than the white. Cut a hole in the centre of each which is large enough for the LED to poke through. Glue the black and white felt pieces together and then glue (or stitch with thread) onto the Pokeball around the LED. Add the key chain to the loop and you are good to go.

Now go catch 'em all!