Introduction: Crochet Pumpkin

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It's finally time to fall into your yarn stash and crochet for Autumn! Long scarves, pumpkin pie and lots and lots of food. A crochet pumpkin is a cute decoration on the table or a little gift to thank someone for a delicious meal.

Step 1: Supplies

1} Scissors
2} Orange yarn (The yarn for the main base)
3} G/6-4.25mm crochet hook
4} Green/brown yarn (For the steam)
5} Stuffing
6} Yarn needle

Step 2: The Base

Use your orange yarn

Row 1: ch 2, sc 8 in the second ch from the hook
Row 2: ch 1 [sc 2 in each previous sc]
Row 3: ch 1 [sc 1, sc 2, repeat]
Row 4: ch 1,[sc 1, sc 1, sc 2, repeat]
Row 5-8: ch 1, sc 1 in each sc
Row 9-13: ch 1 [sc 1, scdc 1, sc 1, repeat]

Stuff the almost pumpkin and the Attach your yarn needle and sew the top and then add the bumps by sewing the sides tightly together.

Step 3: The Steam

Use brown/green yarn

Row 1: ch 7, sc 1 in each ch starting in the second ch from the hook.
Row 2-5: ch 1,sc 1 in each previous sc

Now attach the yarn needle and sew the two sides together. And finally attach it to the orange base

Step 4: Done!

Tada! Now you've got your own cute pumpkins to fall in love with. You can also put some cinnamon bark essential oil to make it have that Autumn smell. Well I hope you enjoyed this instructable and happy fall.

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