Introduction: Crochet Troll Dolls

I was asked to make a Poppy doll from the Troll movie by Dreamworks as a birthday present for a friend's daughter. At a previous birthday party, I crocheted a set of the angry birds as a present, as this was the theme of the party, and they were well liked.

I was asked to make Poppy, but decided to make Branch and Guy Diamond as well once I found out how easy the dolls were to make.

The head and body of the doll are made in one piece and the arms, legs and ears are made separately and sewed to the head and body. The hair is added once the doll is constructed. There is a separate pattern for boy and girl trolls and the clothes are part of the body.

I used the pattern found on Ravelry by Megan Kreiner called trolls. Here pattern can be found here: Her pattern was well written and easy to follow.

Step 1: Step 1: Stitches Used

Here is a list of the abbreviations used:

Ch - chain
Sc - single crochet
Sc2tog - single crochet 2 stitches together
Bpsc - back post single crochet
Bl - back loop
Sl st - slip stitch
Hdc - half double crochet
Sts - stitches

Step 2: Materials Used

Yarn for body and clothes

Contrasting yarn for hair

Safety eyes

A bit of Fiberfil

Size F crochet hook

Needle to sew doll together

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