Introduction: Crocheted Candy Jar Covers (Christmas Themed)

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When thinking of easy gifts to make my favorite teachers and coaches for Christmas, I thought of a Santa Claus crocheted candy jar. Then I thought of additional characters that have to do with the winter holiday that I could crochet as well. In this instructable, I will teach you how to create your own Christmas-themed jar covers.

Unfortunately, I did not write down the patterns for these jars as I was in a hurry to finish them all before Winter Break and hand them out.

Hopefully using the pictures and my notes, you will be able to create your own or others based off of them.

Step 1: Santa Jar

Santa was one of my easier jars to crochet, as he only used a couple colors and didn't have many things sticking off of him.

I created a small white ball that ended up being the pom pom on his hat.

The hat was pretty simple. I created a red cone that fit around the mason jar cover and added on a white border.

After using glue dots to stick the hat onto the metal rim, I stitched the middle of the hat cone down to the bottom to keep it nice and floppy.

Santa's jar body was also simple. Using red, I crocheted up about half way then I switched to black for his belt and made one round, before changing back to red and crocheting until I reached the top of the jar.

I then used yellow yarn to sew on a small yellow buckle onto the black round.

For a while I fought over whether I should add a beard or not. I decided against it in the end, but if you feel as if your Santa would look better with one you can use hot glue and stuffing to create some fluffy facial hair.

Step 2: Gnome Jar

I used red yarn for my gnome, but you can make him green too.

The hat was pretty simple. I created a red cone that fit around the metal mason jar lid, identical to Santa's hat. After using glue dots to stick the hat on the rim, I left the hat up instead of sewing it down.

The body was easy as well. Using red yarn, I crocheted him a base that fit snuggly around the mason jar. Then with cream yarn, I crochet a half-sphere and sewed it on to the body near the top.

Because a gnome's beard is the most important part, I used hot glue and stuffing to give him a full beard.

Step 3: Reindeer Jar

I made two different reindeer, one dark brown and one light brown. Both ended up being Rudolph but you could easily substitute his bright red nose with a black one to make it your favorite reindeer.

I crocheted brown color base for the lid. It ended up being the same shape as the metal lid and laid flat. From there, I crocheted easy antlers that were just a bit flimsy but it made it better just the same!

To make the base, I used brown color and crocheted it up around the jar and from there I sewed on a red crocheted ball to be the nose.

Step 4: Snowman Jar

The snowman ended up being one of the more difficult jars.

First using black, I crocheted a snug cover for the metal lid. Then I made a cylinder that was just a bit smaller that fit on top of the jar lid. Before I sewed the two pieces together, I stuffed the inside of the open cylinder with stuffing and used glue dots to secure the hat to the metal lid. This created a jar lid cover that looked like a small black top hat.

Using white yarn, I created the jar body cover and I sewed on black circles/triangles to make it look like a rocky smile.

The last piece I made was a orange carrot cylinder that I sewed on as a nose.

Step 5: Elf Jar

This jar was very similar to Santa. As you can see, I changed a couple colors and traded the pompom for a cute bell.

Using beige yarn, I crocheted small ovals to be his ears and sewed them on to either side of the jar.

Step 6: Gingerbread Jar

The gingerbread jar was made mostly of embroidering and sewing on small pieces.

To create the lid and base, I crocheted tan/light brown covers and using different colored magic circles and chains of different colors I created a frosting face. I used a white chain to create a wavy frosting lid, and another one for a cute wavy smile. The eyes were black magic circles, and the cheeks were red ones. A sewn white dot in each black eye, gave the gingerbread man a gleam in his eye!

Step 7: Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus was perhaps the most difficult one of them all, probably because of her apron!

For her hair, I crocheted a snug white cover. Then I made a large white amigurumi ball to use as a bun. I stuffed it and sewed it onto the other white piece, and secured it with glue dots to the metal lid.

Her body was the difficult part. I crocheted a red base cover and using many different stitches including surface crochet, I created a cute white apron with a tie in the back.

Step 8: Fill Them With Candy!

The last step was to find small candies that would fit inside the jars.

Here is a list of candy that would works well:

*Lemon drops


*Candy corn (for a different holiday or the make Christmas themed candy corn as well)

*Gummy bears

*Peanut butter M and M's

*Christmas sours

*Butter mints

I hope you enjoyed my instructable, and I hope I gave you some inspiration to make your own!

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