Introduction: Crocodile Switch

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The Crocodile Switch is another example of an assistive technology using everyday materials. It is a switch that uses crocodile switches so that it can empower children with special needs to use everyday items such as toys.


For this Instructable, you will need the following items:

  • One (1) male 3.5mm jack
  • Long wire
  • Two (2) crocodile switches

Step 1: Take the Long Wire. Clamp the Red Wire at the Third Notch (1.0mm)

Step 2: And Then Pull to Separate the Wire From the Insulation

If you are using a strip gun, clamp the wire and pull the trigger quickly

Step 3: Do the Same for the Black Wire, Leaving Slightly More Insulation on the Black Wire

Step 4: Unscrew Earphone Jack

To unscrew, grip the pin with one hand and the shell in another, then turn in opposite directions

Step 5: Thread the Stripped End of the Wire Thru the Shell

Step 6: Pass Black Wire Through the Hole in the Shorter Leg

Step 7: Wrap the Wire Around the Leg

Step 8: Pass Red Wire Through Taller Leg

Step 9: Wrap the Wire Around the Leg

Step 10: Use the Tools to Make Sure There Are No Stray Strands of Wire, and Pull Lightly to Test If Secure

Step 11: Solder Black Wire

Step 12: Solder Red Wire

Step 13: Visually Check That There Are No Stray Wires, Then Screw the Shell Back On

Step 14: Take the Other End of the Long Wire, Strip the Red and the Black Wire About 1.5 Cm

Step 15: Thread the RED Wire Through the Hole at the Back of the Red Crocodile Clip

You may need to open up the tube bigger

Remember to place the sleeve in the wire, so you can put it back after soldering

Loosen the screw, wind the exposed wire clockwise around the screw, and tighten the screw to secure the wire onto the crocodile clip

Step 16: Solder the Wire Onto the Back of Crocodile Clip

Replace the sleeve

Repeat for the black wire/crocodile clip