Introduction: Cross Country Time Lapse Film

My name is Mark Berry and i am 26 years old. Birthday 10-16-1985

My project plan ive been wanting to do for a few years now is take people across the united states in minutes. I wanna start from one coast and drive the opposite coast and do a timelapse of the process. you will be able to see the landscapes change in a 5-10 minute video.

Think im done? I also wanna set up a LIVE camera in the car so people can watch the journey live and see where we are in the trip.

I'm Still Not Done. In this process i wanna bring a small camera crew and document the entire journey  on how and if we can pull this off for the world to see the journey unfold. You will see how everything was done along with behind the scenes and what we were up to while not driving.

i hope you enjoy my project idea

I cant do this without Jack Daniels so pick me so I can get this project started ASAP

thanx for checking out my idea

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