Introduction: Cross-Stitch a Fridge-Magnet Blinky From Pacman

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I like pacman a lot so I decided to cross-stitch the characters and make them into magnets too. I hope you make them because they are really fun,easy, and fast.


Cross-stitch fabric(I used the plastic kind because it's way less flimsy)

Yarn or embroidery floss(I used red, black, and white, but if your making Pinky, Inky, or Clyde, replace the red with pink, yellow, or blue)



Template(You can just use the one I used in the Instructable)

Some cross-stitch knowledge(You can always look up an tutorial, cross-stitching is pretty easy, I also have a video in step#1 you can go to)

Step 1: Cut Him Out

Find the outline of your ghost, then draw it on your cross-stitching fabric or plastic. If you are using the pic in this step, you will see it shows his pixels. For every pixel there is, that is equal to four holes on your fabric or plastic, like this : : you then make little x's using the four squares, for more info go to

Step 2: Get Stitching

Thread your string through your needle, and you're ready to begin! Make sure you do not accidentally stitch the eyes! Also, if you are doing the stitching correctly, the back will look like a brick wall(see pic #9)

Step 3: Stitch the Whites of the Eyes

Now switch color strings. I first stitched the whites of my ghost's eyes, but if you want, you can do the pupils first, because it really doesn't matter.

Step 4: Now the Pupils

Onto the Pupils, almost done! I decided to change where the pupils are too, just put 'em where ya want 'em! After that we are now done with all that stitching....Yay!

Step 5: Then Make It Magnetic

Next, glue on a magnet of some sort, make sure it can hold up your ghost. Now you are finally done, or are you? :)

Step 6: Finally, Make the Whole Squad!

Create the rest!

Thaks for viewing:)

If you make these, share!

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