Introduction: Crossy Road Characters

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Crossy Road is one of my favorite games on my phone. Here is a guide for all the current secret characters.

Step 1: Hipster Whale

The find the hipster whale, he will be swimming like a log in the water.

Step 2: Crab

To find the crab, just rapidly swipe side to side everywhere while moving. The crab can be unlocked after a little while, or even a few days .

Step 3: Matt Hall

Matt Hall is one of the creators of the game. To find him, you need to play as the Lucky Cat and get a great score, which is 150 or 50 more than your high score.

Step 4: Ben Weatherall

Ben Weatherall is also a creator of the game, to unlock him you play as the Dark Lord and get a good score.

Step 5: Andy Sum

Andy Sum is the third creator of the game, to unlock him you play as the Mallard and get a good score.

Step 6: Drop Bear

Unlocking the Drop Bear is very easy, just play as an Australian character and find a tree with the bear on it, and get in front of it and let it drop on you.

Step 7: Gifty

To get gifty, you have to to have the festive chicken and find the tree with a lot of coins around it, and collect all the coins.

Step 8: Phone Box

To get the phone box, you need to do the same as gifty, but with a Uk character.

Step 9: Cai Shen

To get Cai Shen, you need the fortune chicken. Get 22 of the red fortune leaflets, they don't all have to be at once.

Step 10: Leprechaun

To unlock the Leprechaun, play in UK and get a lot of the clovers and a high score.

Step 11: Nessie

To unlock nessie, use a UK character and do the same as the hipster whale.