Introduction: Crotchet Rose

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Searching for a last miunte gift for Mother's day?
or do you want to upgrade a boring shirt or hairclip?

This easy one is what you're looking after :)

This rose is made from single crotchet and double crotchet  (click on the links if you've never heard about it :) )
and is about 2-3 inches -that depends on the yarn used.

I'm no expierienced crotcher and I did it anyway.

The pattern used i got from a neighbour.

Step 1: Materials

yarn ( i use cotton yarn)
a matching crotchet-hook

a sewing needle - big enough for your chosen yarn

Step 2: Foundation Chain

Make a foundation chain of 55
(ch 55)  leave a 5 inch tail for sewing

Step 3:

Into 4th ch from hook: work 1dc.
*1ch, miss 2ch, (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) in next st. Repeat from * to the end.
Now turn your piece

look at the pictures if something is unclear - it took me awhile too, i'm no experienced crotcher ;)

Step 4: Go On

Go on until the row is done
The pictures show what you're piece should look like ( that's what mine turned out ;D )

Step 5: Next Row

Try to keep your work flat - I'm always pulling too hard that's why mine went into a spiral

3ch, (1dc, 2ch, 2dc) into first 2-ch space (between the dc from the first row)

*(2ch, 2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in next 2-ch sp. Repeat from * to the end of row.

Turn your work.

IF UNCLEAR: you should end up with 2 dc's in every space

Step 6: Last Row :)

6dc into first 2-ch space,
1sc (single crotchet) into next 2-ch space. (thats the first petal)
7dc into next 2-ch space,
1sc into next 2-ch space (12 times)(12petals).
9dc into next 2-ch space,
1sc into next 2-ch space (5 times.) (5 petals)
Fasten off.

Step 7: Rolling and Sewing

get the tail of yarn into your sewing needle.

roll the strip from the first petal you made ( the one with 6 dc)
until you like the look of it.

sew it together - i've got no special technique -just not to crappy :)

Step 8: Admire

you did it! - wasn't too hard, eh?