Introduction: Crown and Wall (footrope Knot) Lanyard/zipper Pull

This is another way of tying the fiador knot.

There are two loops one one side of the knot and one loop of the other

Step 1:

Fold a cord in half and in half again giving you two loops on one side and one loop and 2 strands on the other. Decide how large you want the two loops to be and tie a constrictor knot at that point. The single loop should be slightly larger due to material used in tying knot

Step 2:

First tie the crown knot. Bring the first strand of the loop to the right. Then bring the other strand up. The next cord goes over. to the left and the final cord goes down and through the bight formed by the first atrand

Step 3:

Bring the upper strand of the loop down under as shown and up over the crown as shown. Take strand A from its bight, place it over the loop strand and back through the bight

Step 4:

Take the remaining loop strand under one and over the crown. Pull strand B from its bight, go over the loop strand and back through the bight

Step 5:

Bring the first free sterand down under and then up going under one cord and through the center of the knot

Step 6:

Bring the last strand up through the center of the knot going under two

Step 7:

For security tie the ends together with a constrictor knot. Push the constrictor as close to the crown and wall before tightening it and trimming the ends. For synthetic material trim the ends and sear them together with a flame