Introduction: Crown of Poppies

This crown is inspired by the 1975 rock-opera film Tommy, written by Pete Townshend and directed by Ken Russell. During a drug trip administered by the astonishing Tina Turner, the deaf and blind Tommy imagines himself (for the first time) as a Christ-like figure, adorned in a crown of poppies instead of a crown of thorns.

Some poppies are sources of opium and have been used for centuries for recreational drug-use. Following WWI, poppies have become a symbol for the soldiers that have died during wartime.

Step 1: Materials!

- Red Construction Paper

- Black Construction Paper

- Black Masking Tape

- Wire

- Wire Cutters

- Scissors

Step 2: Cut the Materials

- Fold red construction paper into 6 and cut a circle

- Use the wire cutters to cut about 5 inches of wire 6x

- Fold the edge of the black construction paper and then fold many more times until you can cut a lot of little black circles

Step 3: Fold the Materials

- Fold the red circles in half and then many more times so that the edges are crimped

- Fold the wires in half

Step 4: Assemble the Poppy!

- Pierce the red circle and then the black circle with the pointed end and then fold the end of the wire.

- Tape the end of the wire that you just folded

- Push the flower petals to sit just below your tape end, and then tape just under them so that the petals sit in place

- Cut the center, black part so that it's fringed a little

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-4 a Whole Bunch of Times...

Step 6: Assemble Your Crown!

- Carefully weave the wires together around the crown and use your tape to keep it in place

- Keep making flowers and filling in the crown until you're satisfied!

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