Introduction: Crumple Style Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Have you always wanted to make neat tie-dye shirts? Let me show you a fun way to make crumple style tie-dye with these easy steps; you will have a groovy shirt in no time. This will explain all you need to know to make crumple style tie dye T-shirts the items that are needed for this project are protective gloves, apron or old clothes, fabric dye, fabric dye, plastic squeeze bottles, rubber bands, large zip lock bags, dye fixative, salt or soda ash, tarp or plastic cover, and cleaned washed white T-shirts. I recommend washing the T-shirts even if they are brand new.

Step 1: Mix Dye

Prep the dye instructions will vary on product so follow prepping instructions. Mix and place in squeeze bottles I recommend this if there are multiple colors being used. Otherwise dip T-shirt into a bucket or bowl.

Step 2: Crumple T-shirt

Now for the crumble, lay T-shirt on a clean surface. Start crumpling the fabric with fingers. Keep scrunching the tee until everything’s crumpled in a mound. Hold the shirt in place with rubber bands. The tighter you make it, the more patterns you’ll get.

Step 3: Ready to Dye

Ready to dye, apply the dye using the squeeze bottles. If using multiple colors, liberally apply the different dyes for a more vibrant result. Flip the shirt over and repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Place in Ziplock Bag

Let it sit, once dyed seal T-shirt in a Ziplock bag to keep it damp as the dye sets and let it sit for six to eight hours, or overnight.

Step 5: Soak and Rinse

Then follow these post dye steps. Prepare fixative, Prepare the dye fixative by mixing it with warm water. Ideally, the water should be between 100° and 140° Fahrenheit. Soak the T shirt, soak the T-shirt in the fixative. The soak time varies on type of fixative that is used so make sure to check packaging. Rinse T-shirt, rinse in cold water. Add detergent sparingly if preferred.

Step 6: Hang to Dry

Finally, Drying the T-shirt leave it to air dry. I recommend washing your T-shirt on its own for the first time to avoid bleeding onto other clothes.