Introduction: Crystal With Changing Led Colors

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we will make a crystal that can change its color with out coding or any special skills. All you need are

-hot glue gun

-super glue


-soldering wire+soldering iron


-battery holder (X2AA or X4 AA)

-sanding paper

-led (that can change color automatically)


-STL files

-transparent filament

-(a printer?) an access to a 3D printer

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Step 1: Print Your Parts

print the crystal with transparent filament and for the base choose what you like , but i think white is a nice choice.

i will leave STL files here of the models so you can print .

use a very low infill and don't worry about the print quality i used 0.2mm and it looks nice

i will leave the Solid Works file too in case you have it and you want to change it yourself

and i will leave a place to the switch ( i forgot to do it when prototyping ;'( )

as for the crystal i scale it a bit the original was just too big so i changed the Z axe to 75 mm and it took me around 2:42 hours

Step 2: Send Your Prints

3d printers dont do a good job at making the surface of your printed parts smooth so a good idea is to sand

the surface with sand paper . i used 3M sanding paper , use a fine caliber to prevent ruining your prints.

if you want to paint your parts dont skip this step

Step 3: Get Your Led Ready

*the secret of this project is a special led , it changes colors automatically , so there is no need for a micro_controller ( thanks you .

*you have two options either a fast changing led or a slow one, i used slow because it gives a nice vibes as the colors slowly changes .

*use soldering wire and apply it into the led so you can easy attach wires to it later , and do the same for the wires(this trick is useful for many projects that need soldering).

*NOW put the led in the hole and twist its legs so it will not fall , solder the wires , and the lock it in place with a hot kiss from a hot glue gun ( be careful and don't burn your self).

Step 4: ​preparing the Batteries Holders

i used aluminum sheet to make the connection between batteries , as you know we are going to use two 1.5 V batteries in series so we have to connect the + of one of them to the - of the other one for that i used a folded sheet of alum,

don't make it so thick as we are going to use hot glue to lock it in place and we donnt want the batteries to feel sad for taking so much space( they will get mad and will refuse to get in place)

Step 5: Insering Your Switch

i am an idiot so i forgot to add a place for it but i fix it and i left a place for it at the bottom with enough space to run your wires :(

solder one of led wires to the switch from one end , and the other to one of the batteries connectors and we will get to that part soon.

Step 6: Make a Hole Inside the Cristal

use 5mm drill bit to make a hole on the bottom of the crystal; this will be the home of the led soon.

if your drill press is weak use a 3mm drill then change it to 5mm

now if you have not drill not worry use your soldering iron when its hot and poke a hole just make sure you dont breath the gas and to clean your soldering iron well

or maybe heat up a screw driver on the stove and use it (use your imagination , the sky is the limit)

Step 7: Testing, Almost There and Glue Time

+don't worry you are almost there , now use a battery to test the led . Make sure that you are using 3 to 3.3v

if you are going to use 5v then you need a 220 ohm resistor .

or use ohms low to calculate the resistance .

oh yeah you don't need a resistor here for 3v but more then that you will risk to toast your led , and i assure you it taste bad

+or just use your multi meter and put it in the diode mode( continue check)

+ now use the super glue and stick the crystal to the base after you make a hole in it

Step 8: LAST STEP ; Batteries Connectors

use the metal spring that you can find on batteries holders or in old toys , or maybe you can get them on ebay (i used old batteries holder ( R.I.P batt holder).

Step 9: ​congrats

congrats you did it now the batteries will stick firmly into the base and you can easily remove or replace them . Now close the light and enjoy the night show ;) ( maybe invite me too?)

i hope you can subscribe to the channel and follow me , i can use some support.

peace .