Introduction: Csw.Face Shield

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Headband for Simple Face Shield Assembly

Why is this needed?

Face shields are personal protective equipment used to help prevent droplets of contaminated fluids from reaching the user’s face. This band can be quickly made to hold a plastic face shield visor in place and secured to the user.

How is this used?

The face shield band is attached to the clear visor and affixed atop the user’s head. Flexibility in the design allows for a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. The design allows for interface with 8.5” X 11” clear transparency sheet or similar.

How is this made?

Necessary tools

● 3D printer

● PLA or PLA+ Filament

● 4 Binder Clips

● Scotch Tape

● 8.5” X 11” clear projector sheet.

Links to files

● .stl file for 3D printing:



● Settings needed for the printer are as follows:

Filament: PLA or PLA+

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Perimeters: 2

Top/Bottom layers: None

Infill: 0%

Temperature: 215-220 degrees C

No brim

Scale (head size):

100% = Small

110% = Medium

120% = Large

All scales will fit an Ender3 print bed, scale may need to be adjusted for bed size.

Assembly instructions

  • Instructions with pictures can be found in the step by step


  • Can this be used in a medical environment?

Answer: This design is not approved for use in a medical environment. However,

it can be used for every-day protection.

  • Can this be reused?

Answer: With proper sanitization techniques this device should be able to be

used more than once.

  • How is this sanitized?

Wrap the headband in aluminum foil and place in an oven set to 100 C / 212 F for 30 mins. Aluminum foil is necessary to prevent melting.

Step 1: Printing STL

Please print at an according scale for your head size:

100% = small 110% = medium 120% = large 500% = Elephant

Step 2: Attach Binder Clips

Step 3: Apply Tape

Step 4: Round Sharp Corners

Step 5: Adjust Fit

Step 6: Finished Shield in Use