Introduction: Cthulhu

The first time I saw a Series 13 Alien Trooper, I did not think Alien. I thought of HP Lovecrafts Cthulhu. Then I noticed the 'ray' gun and space suit markings on the torso and legs and understood that yes, this was an alien.

Step 1: Wings

First I needed to add some wings. I looked at a few different lego wings and settled on wings from an Egyptian Lego set. I thought about using wings from a Chima figure, but I didn't like how the attachment left the wings at some distance from the back.

Step 2: Change the Torso and Legs

I didn't want to keep the space suit so I looked for some neutral torso. I could only find a painter, but the back was blank so I flipped it around. After all, the wings will hide anything from the back. I am still considering using the business man from the Lego Movie, but it will be easy enough to change.

Step 3: Paint the Wings

I didn't want to leave the Egyptian motif on the wings, so I dipped in my stash of Dollar Store nail polish and picked the best match I could. I used a hair dryer to dry the polish once I was done. It looks like I may need to do a little touch up work.

Step 4: Add the Wings to the Torso

Once the nail polish was dry, I added the wings to the torso.

Step 5: All Done

He's all done and ready to terrorize the world. The wings turned out nice, but I may need to find some bat wings to get the look I want.