Tea Box Turned Tealight Candle Storage

Introduction: Tea Box Turned Tealight Candle Storage

Use a lipton tea box to store tealight candles.

Reuse, upcycle, decorate

Super simple.

Step 1: Drink a Lot of Tea

First step, drink all of the tea!

All of it!

Good, now that you've emptied that box, give the inside a wipe down.

Take some old material (I used leftovers from a curtain made)
Line the box up against the material and mark it up.
Best to use fabric scissors to cut but it CAN be done with stanley knife (Though not well or with smooth edgings)

Once you've sliced out the material, Glue it on.

I used an adhesive glue mix for wall coverings, because that is what I had. But I imagine PVA glue would get the job done

Step 2: It's Done Already!

Once dry, cut out the little leaf shape in the lid of the box (if you like)

Fill with your tealight candles and your done!

Great if you like to leave them sitting on your night stand or table

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