Introduction: Cubist Colorpencil Collage

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This Instructable will explain how to turn any drawing into a colorful cubist collage.

Step 1: Supplies

Drawing Paper, any size you have will work for this collage. I used 9X12


assortment of colored pencils

thin sharpie



Step 2: Drawing

Do a light pencil sketch, then go over the lines with the thin marker. Try to make every area of the composition full of weight. Large empty spaces are hard to color and have it look smooth.

Step 3: Next Step

Turn the drawing over and using the regular pencil draw a grid on the back. Two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. The lines don't have to be perfectly straight, just try to keep the sections about the same size. (zig zag lines are very hard to work with)

Number the sections 1-9 as shown in the photo.

Carefully cut the paper into 9 pieces.

Group (numbers 3,4,9) (numbers 2,6,8) and (numbers 1,5,7)

If you have paperclips you can use them to keep the 3 groups in order.

Step 4: Choose Your Colored Pencils

choose three groups of 3 colors of pencils. Pick your base color plus 2 analogous colors (one lighter and darker).

Each group of drawing sections gets a group of pencils, choose and set aside.

Step 5: Begin Coloring

color all three pieces in the first grouping with ONLY those three pencils. You might be tempted to use other colors but please don't, that is why I said set aside...out of sight, out of mind.

When using the colored pencils they should be applied in layers, building layer over layer to create value.

Step 6: Assemble the Collage

When you have finished coloring the 9 sections with their respective pencils begin to assemble.

Turn the pieces over and arrange in the proper order, 1-9.

use small pieces of tape to get each piece lined up then apply longer strips to cover all the cut lines.

There is always an element of surprise when you see how the original drawing has transformed.

Have fun and remember any composition, (a flower garden, a cityscape, under the sea, outer space) will work for this activity as long as the paper is full, remember every area of the drawing is as important as every where else.

Have Fun