Introduction: Cucumber Flower

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Hello I want to show you how to make a nice cucumber flower, it's pretty simple and super beautiful to show.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is.

1. One cucumber.

2. Knife.

3. Long sticks.

4. Cold water.

Step 2: Cut in Three

The first step is to cut the cucumber in three, leaving the middle part a little bigger. The sides are going to be the flowers and the middle part is gonna be the flower stalk.

Step 3:

Now lets engrave some fancy shapes in the middle part that is the flower stalk to make it look nice, mine are kind of simple but you get the idea.

Step 4: Lets Make a Flower

Ok lets start making the flower. This is going to be the same for both parts.

Lets make 8 cuts of half inch around the cucumber and marking them almost all the way down being careful not to go too deep, these are gonna be the petals so be careful not to cut them so they can fall.

Step 5: Make a Crown

Now lets cut diagonally to the cut that you made before, from the middle of each cut. Doing it in zig-zag to have a crown shape.

Clean the center to have a nice flower.

Step 6: Carve the Leaves

Ok now lets mark the peel with the knife to have a little petal in each side of the cucumber you'll have to do it eight times in each flower.

Then with the knife separate the peel of the cucumber a little and you could also cut a little of the cucumber the same way you did with the peel to have more cucumber petals.


Now immerse the cucumber in cold water, you can add some ice to have a really cold water. This helps to open the petals.

Step 8: Set Up

Now with the sticks assemble the flowers to the cucumber steam and you have a real nice cucumber flower.

Pretty simple.

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