Introduction: Simple Wire Pan Lid Holsters

Inspired by Trebuchet's  excellent pan lid organiser Instructable, I cannot imagine how it could be done more easily, cheaply and quickly than this take on his idea.

I must first appologise for the state of my pan cupboard. My only excuse that I am was a student. And with the excitement of my brain wave and the fact I am moving out in 12 hours, I didn't feel inspired to clean it.

Secondly, sorry for the lack of photos, I was so excited at solving a problem that had been bothering us for 2 years, I hopped to it and got it done before I thought to document. So here it is, in the hope that my idea might be of use to you, the instructables community!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

  • a screwdriver (yes, that's all)

  • short stubby screws to match your chosen screwdriver. The non-countersunk (what are these called?) kind work best since they stop the wire slipping while you tighten it!
  • a few lengths of wire. Mine was purloined from a 1m length of electrical cable I had lying around, the kind used for wiring up a house.

(sorry, no photo. 4 screws were the extent of the supplies I could find in all my packed boxes, see the last step to take a photo for me and get a patch and major kudos!)

Step 2: Installation

1) Strip the insulation from the wire if you're reusing some old wire then seperate out the strands from the core. 1 strand will do!

2) Screw your screws into the inside of your cupboard. My landlord's cupboards are chipboard with a laminate covering. I screwed in at an angle to meet the thicker board making up the frame and to resist the pull of the lids better.

3) Twizzle the wire around the first screw. Get it nice and tight.

4) Loop around the second screw, using a pot lid to guage how much slack to leave.

5) Tighten the second loop of wire.

6) Screw the screws home so they clamp down on the wire.

7) Repeat on the inside of as many cupboards, for as many pan lids as you need!

Step 3: User Photos

As you can see, my photos were taken after I did it.

If you like this idea and try it out in your kitchen I would love for you to post some photos of the step by step process. Expect a patch and full credit in return. :)