Introduction: Custom Canvas Prints With Wall Decals!

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Don’t throw away those prints that you hate, you can make your own custom canvas prints! With the divorce well behind me I still have a pile of shiiii…. stuff in my closet I have every intention of burning in my fire pit this summer. HOWEVER, I happen to be in a family of several artists and know full well what a pain in the butt building and stretching your own canvas is and how expensive it is to buy it…. DANGIT… *throws up hands in defeat* so I couldn’t just burn them!

And NO ONE is going to buy these things from me so I had no choice but to pick up a paint brush because sometimes I just HATE how frugal I am! Turns out though making your own custom canvas prints really isn’t that hard…

I painted them with four coats of white outdoor paint (because it was what I had on hand) two coats in one direction, two coats in the other direction, unless you’re spraying canvas the texture will leave behind brush strokes but I’m kinda like: TEXTURE IS A GOOD THING!

Then I headed over to the wall decals on Amazon because: I am obsessed with these things (though I have yet to use them on a wall lol) being someone with absolutely no free hand painting ability whatsoever they are miraculous! This is my fourth and fifth wall decal purchase! (The other three were used on my guest bedroom desk, guest bedroom bed and on the sign for the front of my house.) I bought two different decals “Relax its your Time” and “Get Naked” They’re going to be in my master bathroom! Last week I showed how I hung up a shelf for storage above my tub with some galvanized pipe hardware and how I used these prints and some new plants to dress it up!

Step 1: Completion and Use in My Master Bathroom

This project got me thinking about the literal hundreds of unwanted prints I’ve seen at garage sales. Honestly we are only limited by our imaginations. Like with any canvas, they can be painted over again and again depending on what you want and, with these inexpensive wall decals, it is SO easy to make something really custom!

I saw some stickers at Walmart for only $1.50 and brought them home and laid them down on each print and then I dusted them with some Krylon chrome spray paintbefore removing the stickers. I wanted it to be fluid, organic, artistic, to really speak to our colorful souls on a level…. not look like crap really was what I was going for!… I am not crafty.

Once they were dry I applied my wall decals. What’s so nice about these is that you can literally put each individual letter wherever you want so they’re really flexible. The stickers also came with some little sparkly “dots” that I went ahead and used too. It was incredibly satisfying to paint over those prints and make them into something that I love! Coming up: The Home Tour of my refreshed Master Bathroom!

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