Introduction: Custom Dress Form DIY

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What makes our DIY custom fit dress form patterns special? They allow you to have an affordable, convenient sewing dummy/mannequin that matches YOUR body. Your body is unique and it is not a standardized one shape fits all.

The custom fit dress form is a Must Have for anyone who makes clothes! Cosplayers, costumer's, DIYers and home sewists LOVE our affordable and made-to-measure dress form patterns!

Finally, a custom fit sewing mannequin that's affordable and accessible for all sewists! Now you can sew and fit your clothes with ease and fun! What projects are you excited to create with a custom fit dress form?



1. Self (Main) fabric: Small to Large sizes –1 ¼ yard(1.10 m), Large to Extra Large sizes –1 ¾ yards (1.50 m) Plus Sizes – 2 1/8 yards (2 m) I used home dec fabric like this Home Essentials Decor Fabric-Pups Parade on Fog

2. Fabric-based fusible woven interfacing: Small to Large sizes –1 ¼ yards (1.10 m), Large to Extra Large sizes –1 ¾ yards (1.50 m) Plus Sizes – 2 1/8 yards (2 m) I used Pellon SF101

3. Interlining/stabilizer – from 3/4 yards (0.80 m) to 1 1/4 yards (1m) I used a solid Home Essentials

4. Cardboard 6 sq.ft (0.6 sq.m). I used foam board from the dollar store or here FOAM BOARD

5. Sponge 3" (8 cm) in height, 7" (18cm) in width and 7" (18cm) in length. I used a similar one to this SPONGE

6. Zipper 7”-9” (18-23 cm) – 2 pieces. ZIPPERS

7. Craft glue. Elmers works great

8. Small razor knife. Knife

9. Wooden, plastic or metal coat rack stand. The stand should be cut to reflect your height. The length of the stand is automatically calculated by the system and is listed on your pattern. You can also use a pre-manufactured adjustable dress form stand, which should not be cut. We provided the resources and links where to buy the pre-manufactured stand and other supplies on the next page. We did not use a pre-manufactured stand and the process might slightly differ from the proposed by us. You will need to know the diameter of the premanufactured stand and purchase a plastic tube (next point) to fit over the manufactured stand. You can make one with a wood dowel and Christmas stand or get a coat rack.

10. Plastic pipe tube, diameter from 1 1/8” (3 cm) to 2” (5 cm). We recommend buying a 38” long pipe for standard heights and 48” for very tall. You will have to cut the pipe to the length, recommended on the pattern. This length is automatically calculated by the system to fit your unique height.

11. Polyester Fiber Fill Poly-Fil: 5lb (2.3 kg) (smaller sizes) to 10lb (4.6 kg) (larger and plus sizes). HERE

Step 1: Get Your Measurements

You need to measure yourself to make sure your Dress Form Pattern is accurate. See Photos for images


BUST* (17"-67")

UNDERBUST* (17"-66")

WAIST* (16"-67")

LOW HIP* (18"-68")






After you have gotten your measurements down go to PATTERN PAGE and insert all measurements and hit buy.

Step 2: Final Outcome

First, the easiest way to make cutting your fabrics out is to lay out your main fabric and iron on the woven interfacing to it. After this lay out your pattern pieces and make sure to observe notches and grainlines.

Once you have this step done follow the enclosed instructions for making your custom dress form that comes with your pattern.

Some good advice is to sew this slowly and make sure to read everything.

My experience is great 5 stars on this.

There is a video you want to watch to get a feel on what you will be doing. HERE

My dress form is just like my own double!

If you have any questions on this or need help constructing your dress form please contact me at