Introduction: Custom FUNKO POP! Stand

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Welcome everyone to my custom Funko POP! figure stand tutorial. This is a really easy DIY project that can be completed in a single day and is perfect for all ages.

List of Materials

1. Original Sculpey

2. Sculpting Tools

3. Aluminum Foil

4. Acrylic Paints

5. Clear Coat Spray Paint

6. Small Branches

7. Hot Glue Gun

8. Display Case

Step 1: Modeling the Original Sculpey

Start out by rolling some Sculpey flat on a sheet of aluminum foil. You want to model on the foil because otherwise the material will stick to whatever surface you are modeling on.

Once that is done you can use the plastic display case the figure will fit into to cut out the shape of the stand.

Now you can begin adding texture to the surface you created and use a Funko POP! figure to mark the location of the figure.

Use additional clay to add rocks and other organic debris on the flat surface you created.

Step 2: Baking the Model and Prime Time!

Once you are satisfied with your modeling, you can take the model and bake it.

Follow the instructions on the Original Sculpey box. I set my oven at 270 degree and baked my piece for 30 minutes. Make sure to follow the instructions because it may vary from mine.

Once the model was hard and cool, I used a primer spray paint to cover the surface. I allowed the paint to cure for about 48 hrs. Also follow the instructions on the can!

Step 3: Wet and Dry Acrylic Painting Process

I started with a rich dark acrylic brown and thinned it with water to cover all the nooks and crevasses. I allowed this to dry naturally or you can use a hair dryer on low to speed up the process.

I then applied a lighter brown acrylic to provide the mid tone color to the model. I used a little bit of water and wiped away access material where it covered the darker color.

Lastly I used a dry brush and very little light color acrylic paint to add the highlights to the model. The dry brush adds texture as an added effect to this method.

Once dry spray the model with a matte clear coat spray paint and allow to cure.

Step 4: Building the Model

At this point all your pieces are ready to be assembled.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere the broken branch pieces that will simulate a fallen log, and adhere the small branches to the model. Lastly add a small dab of hot glue to the model and adhere your POP! figure on the same place you marked while modeling.

Place the plastic display case over the piece and you are all done!

Step 5: Final Results

For more information on how this was made, feel free to view my livestream video below where I cover the entire process from beginning to end.