Introduction: Custom Fit Captain Marvel Helmet

How to make a easy, homemade custom fit Captain Marvel helmet

Step 1: Make the Base of the Helmet


-Clear Plastic Wrap

-Clear Tape

-Masking Tape

Wrap your head in plastic wrap, leaving the bottom of your nose and mouth open. Then go over the the plastic wrap with clear tape. Cut the helmet from your head and tape the cut part back together.

Step 2: Helmet Outline

Trace where the eyes will be and where the hair will be. Then cut out. On the back of the helmet, cut a triangle to make it easier to fit on your head.

Step 3: Eyes

To make the eyes a white foggy colour, take clear tape, and use watered down white paint, so you are able to see through it, but looks foggy. Cut the eyes out a little bit bigger to make sure you cover the whole eye. Then tape them on the outside of the helmet.

Step 4: Masking Tape

Cover the outside of then helmet in masking tape to making it easier to paint on it.

Step 5: Hair

Take a small broom or brush and hot glue the top of it so that all the bristles are glued together. When it dries, glue a small piece of cardboard to the top. Then the bristles from the handling. After that paint the 'hair' gold. When putting on helmet, put though the bottom and tape the bottom to the inside of the helmet.

Step 6: Painting

Paint the outside of the helmet all red, then with blue, paint on the details of the top and sides of the helmet.

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