Introduction: Custom Made Jewelry for the Wedding Party!

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Step 1: Decide on Design

choosing the right shape for the design is key.Be careful not to make it too complicated.

Step 2: These Are the Tools/supplies You'll Need to Transfer Design Onto Copper Blank or Sheeting

If you are wanting to transfer text- you can use image transfer by printing on a transparency and ironing it on to the copper ink side down

Step 3: Next Is to Prep the Copper for Saltwater Etching

you need to first take distilled water- approximately 4 cups that you have put 2 cups of iodized salt into- and boiled on a stove to get fully dissolved.

put it into an aluminum serving pan-loaf tin will work- and put salt water into the pan.

Then take a piece of coated copper wire and tape it onto the back of the designed copper piece and place it where it floats on top of the salt water- I use chopsticks and sandwich the wire in between the chopsticks to hold it up.

Step 4: You're Ready for the "Juice"

hook up the red- anode wire to the side of the pan, and the canoed/white wire to the other end of the copper wire you've placed through the chopsticks

wait from 15-20 minutes before you take the copper out

Step 5: You'll Need to Use a Jewelers Saw to Cut the Excess Copper Off- and a File to Smooth Rough Edges

Step 6: Choose Stones And/or Charms to Add for a Personalized Touch

stones with holes- can be wire wrapped and made into a charm that has symbolic or otherwise personal touch