Introduction: Custom Shoes (Hydro Dipping)

Customize your shoes at an affordable price. Just a few materials, a little time, and a big imagination can lead to a fresh and personalized design. Infinite possibilities await, as you choose the color, design, and shoe you wish to customize. Follow the seven steps using just seven (required) materials and your boring shoes can be transformed into cool custom kicks.


Shoes (white)

Masking/Painters Tape

X-ACTO knife (optional)

Plastic Tub Container


Rust-Oleum oil-based Spray Paint (Gloss)

Rubber Gloves

Sharpie (optional)

Shoe Paint (optional)

Step 1: Shoes

Find a pair of new, clean, white shoes to customize. Prepare your shoes for the dipping process by cleaning the shoes.

Step 2: Tape

A neat tape job is required to ensure a good outcome. Masking tape will be most natural to tear, cut, and cover the necessary parts of the shoe that you do not intend to paint.

An X-ACTO knife can be used to cut the tape more precisely and ensure a quality shoe customization.

Step 3: Fill the Bucket

Find a tub or plastic bin and begin to fill it with water.

Step 4: Spray the Paint

Using Rust-Oleum oil-based spray paint, spray paint into the center of the tub of water. A ring pattern will begin to form around the outer edges of the container.
If more than one color is to be used, alternate spraying colors into the center of the tub. After spraying and alternating multiple times, stir the mixture of paint to make a colorful design atop the water.

Be sure to use a mask and rubber gloves for safety. The paint will not come out of any object, material, or clothing if spilled - be careful!

Step 5: Dip

Take the tapped shoe and turn the shoe so that the sole is facing up. Carefully lower the taped shoe into the tub of (painted) water and begin to twist the shoe after the footwear is fully submerged. After the shoe has been twisted in the container of water, remove the shoe just seconds after entry. Not a significant amount of time is required for the paint to stick to the shoe.

Repeat this process for the second shoe.

Step 6: Dry

After removing the shoe from the plastic tub, find a safe place for the shoes to dry. Let the paint dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Step 7: Remove Tape - FINAL STEP

After the shoe has thoroughly dried, remove the tape from the shoe to see your final result. If you wish to further customize your shoes with shoe paint or sharpie, now is the time. Feel free to draw whatever design you want on the shoe.

The process is now complete. Feel free to wear your personalized shoes.

Step 8:

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