Introduction: Custom Skateboard

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You will only need spray paint/airbrush a skateboard and paper.


Spray paint

Step 1: Remove Trucks and Grip Tape From Skateboard

Unscrew the trucks and carefully remove grip tapethe trucks

Step 2: Sand

Sand down the primer with 400-800 grit sand paper

Step 3: Make Splatter Point Spray

Remove yellow tab on spray paint nib and spray a first coat

Step 4: Spray

After applying the splatter paint put back on the yellow tab and spray again

Step 5: Now You Are Ready to Spray

Useing a wrag wipe off surface before spraying.for the sake of saving money i used my airbrush but you are welcome to use spray paint.

Step 6: Stencils

Now cut out some cool stencils

Step 7: Spray

Spray the stencle in white first so that the next color will show

Step 8: Out Line

Make shure what ever you out line your stencils with dosnt react with your paint

Step 9: Done

Final touches

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