Introduction: Custom Snow Globe

You are going to make a a snow globe. This snow globe you can customs with your own taste. We are making the snow globe with a mini figure, but you can put a picture or something else. Enjoy it!! Let's start!!


Jar/globe (that can be opened)

Fake snow

Glitter. (optional)

Mini figure/picture


Step 1:

Think about what you would like to have in your snow globe with are using a small Eiffel Tower for an example.

Step 2:

Collect all the materials

Step 3:

Open the jar and take the lid

Step 4:

Get your figure/picture and glue with the glue on the inside of the lid where you want. Let is dry.

Step 5:

Put your glitter and fake snow inside the jar and add water until it is filled.

Step 6:

Get your lid and close it on top of the jar tightly. You can put a little glue on the edge of the lid in the inside to make sure that it is closed tightly, and the water wouldn’t spill.

Step 7:

Now just shake it and you are done!

PS: You can also do something of decoration to the lid of the jar to make it look nice.

You are done!!