Introduction: Custom Style Infinity Gauntlet

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This a fun cosplay project to make your own custom style infinity gauntlet using Neopixel (ws2812b) leds and a small ATtiny13a microcontoller to control your infinity stone lights. You can use any style, say the original marvel infinity saga, cyberpunk, steampunk, etc, based on your taste. Also with a more powerful microcontroller you can add gesture control to your infinity stones.


6 x Neopixel leds (ws2812b)

ATtiny13a (or any small low power microcontroller)

Coin cell batteries for 5Volts supply (or any small lipo battery)

Alum crystals (optional)


Duct tape

Step 1: Decide on Your Style of Infinity Gauntlet

If possible, look for existing infinity gauntlet designs and plan out how the final outcome should be. I personally went freestyle with a bit of guidance from images on internet.

Step 2: Solder You Neopixel Led Strip

Match the Neopixel led positions to the position of infinity stones on you hand. Keep in mind the data in (Din) and data out (Dout) pins directions while soldering. Connect the pin3 of ATtiny13a to Din of Neopixel strip and connect 5Volts and GND with ATtiny and your power supply. After arranging everything, test your connections before proceeding.

Step 3: Design Your Gauntlet From Cardboard

Sorry, I don't have any 3d files for this. At first I went with instinct to follow my hand movement and cutting cardboard accordingly. It will be good if you base your gauntlet on a glove so that you won't have to worry about the size and flexibility.

Step 4: Program and Test Your Circuit As a Whole

For programming my ATtiny13a, I referred to this link

ATtiny13a has a small memory space, which might prove difficult if you try to program using traditional Neopixel library. Also, refer to marvel's infinity saga images for infinity stone positions and program your rgb values accordingly, as did some position mistake at first.

After uploading the code, just powerup and test your circuit.

Step 5: Wear Your Custom Infinity Gauntlet

Wear your designed gauntlet and enjoy the power of infinity stones.

Step 6: Adding Detail (Crystals)

You can use Alum crystals to defuse the led light more and give a realistic effect of infinity stone

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