Introduction: Custom Vinyl Decal for 6 Wheeler Argo

About: We are a family of six who left the city to live and grow on 20 acres. We like to make things and reuse things and build from the land. Enjoy!

In this project we will teach you how to make a Custom Vinyl Decal for 6 Wheeler Argo. We also have a YouTube video of our entire process.

Items Needed:

1. Measuring tape to measure the dimensions of the surface.

2. Cricut Explore Air

3. Oracle 651 Vinyl

4. Cricut scraping tool

5. Surface cleaner

Step 1: Step 1 Check Dimension and Adjust the Side Allowances.

Use measuring tape to measure length and width of the surface of the sticker. i calculated the dimensions and side allowances to adjust the sticker and make it even from all sides.

Step 2: Open Your Image in the Photoshop and Create the Design

recreate the image or just adjust your requirements in photoshope software like removing background, coloring, trimming, cutting and pasting the image.

Step 3: Transfer This Jgp Image to Cricut Design Base and Set the Dimensions.

After creating the image convert it into the jpg image file and transfer it to the cricut design base`program. Check the size of the image and sheet.

Step 4: Put Oracle 651 Vinyl on Your Map.

Paste the oracle 651 on you map for permanent images.

Step 5: Put the Map Into Cricut Machine and Let the Machine Work.

As we are heading close to the final product put the map into the cricut machine and let the machine work.

Step 6: Weed It Very Carefully and Paste It on Cleaned Surface.

After cricut machine, weed the map very carefully make sure all the needed map is there. now the image is ready to be pasted on to the surface of the Argo. Clean the surface with a good surface cleaner to make it clear from dust or other particles. Now its time to pate the image, this is the most critical part of this process because once pasted it will be difficult to re adjust it again so take your time and carefully check and adjust the image from all sides of the surface. Now paste it.

Step 7: Press the Sheet and Remove the Sheet Carefully.

Its the final part of the whole process, after pasting the image use cricut scraping tool to press it hard, make sure all the bubbles out. Now peel transparent tape very slowly and carefully to make sure that the vinyl stays behind.

If you want to see this project in video form, check out our YouTube video we did for this here-